About Us


Christian Sampson is a pioneering domain investor based in the Canary Islands.

Christian's portfolio, BrandableDomains.com, is a unique collection of memorable names with potential to become great brands. The names have been carefully selected over the course of many years and provide you, the entrepreneur or business owner, with the opportunity to secure your dream name that may otherwise have been used by a competitor unlikely to ever part with the domain. Think of BrandableDomains.com as a repository of great domain brand ideas to choose from.

In today's world your domain name is the most important part of your branding strategy. A truly great domain adds credibility and trust to your brand and signals to potential customers as well as to your competitors that you are, or have plans to become, a leader in your field of business.

If you have global ambitions there is really no alternative to a .com domain name, it is the gold standard of online commerce and is used by all Fortune 500 companies. This is the reason coveted .com domains are so valuable and frequently sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes in the millions.

Domain names are internet real estate and securing a prime location can, like in the offline world, both increase your sales and build brand awareness. As a result, a great domain name will pay for itself many, many times over.

How to get in touch with Christian

I prefer that you initially contact me in writing by email, on LinkedIn or Twitter. I receive many inquiries for my domain names and try to reply to as many as possible. In order to avoid wasting our time I ask that you please use your corporate email address (not a free email service) or include a link to your LinkedIn profile in your message. If you wish to remain anonymous you are welcome to have a lawyer or reputable domain broker contact me on your behalf.